Zumba® Class 

Mondays at 6:30pm

Did you hear the big announcement? Silver City Dance Center is now offering Zumba® with Licensed Zumba® instructor Jenna Carl


It's the adults turn!

Are you ready to dance, party and burn some calories? Come join us as we launch our new Zumba® fitness classes! 


Why Zumba® fitness classes? Why not!?

In this class we will blast those latin beats and world rhythms, get that blood flowing, and introduce you to easy-to-follow choreography that you will surely be doing all over your home! We make every class a party and you will feel confident providing yourself with a total-body workout that will help improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility! Who is ready to boost that energy and see why Zumba® fitness classes are often called fitness in disguise!

When: Monday February 24-Monday March 30, 2020

How much: $65 for 6 weeks or $13 drop in rate


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