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Dance With Me
(30 Min) for the 18 month—3 yr old child not ready to be in class on his/her own.  Want to introduce dance to your child? This is a caregiver and me class where an adult participates with the dancer. For our youngest dancers, we learn gross motor skills using props and fun songs to sing along to! This is a creative movement with an introduction to Ballet. Age 18 months - 3 years
Creative Movement 1
(30 min) An adventure in the world of Creative Movement! Dancers will be introduced to Ballet while using their imaginations. Dancers will use props each class (wands, scarves, etc.) along with songs and dances. Who knows where our imagination will take us? This is an excellent way to introduce the art of dance to your littlest ones! This class is meant for dancers who are ready to be on their own without an adult in the room. We will learn gross motor skills while dancing to fun, easy to sing- along- to music. This class is a creative movement class where we begin to introduce Ballet. Age 2/12-3 
Creative Movement 2
(45 min) A continuation of Creative Movement 1 with the addition of Tap. Age 3 ½-4
Kinder Combo
(60 min) An introduction to the world of dance through the eyes of a kid! We will explore Ballet and Tap in this class each day Proper Ballet Terminology is taught. Age 5-6
Primary Combo 
(75 min) An introduction to the world of dance through the eyes of a kid! We will explore Ballet, Jazz, and Tap in this class each day. Explore new styles each week. Age 6-7

Advanced Beginner Combo 
(90 min) Instead of choosing only one or 2 styles to study once you move on from Primary Combo 2, dancers will now have the choice of continuing their education with all 3 styles (Ballet, Jazz and Tap) in one class. Age 7-10


Ballet/Acro Combo

(60 min) An introduction to the world of dance through the eyes of a kid! We will explore Ballet and then introduce Acro skills working on strength and tumbling. Mats are sanitized in-between classes.  Ages 5-8

(45-75 min)A classical dance form demanding grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. A mixture of Cecchetti and Vaganova styles is taught. This is a traditional Ballet Class where we will have the time to focus on Barre work as well as center turning combinations and small jumps. Age 8+
(45-60min) Upbeat dancing to popular music.  Classes consist of stretching and across the floor combinations. Styles studied include: Contemporary, Broadway and Lyrical. Age 8+
(45-60 min) A dance in which the rhythm or rhythmical variation is audibly tapped out with the toe or heel by a dancer wearing shoes with special taps.  Tap teaches coordination and musicality. Age 8+
Hip Hop
(45-60 min) No Ballet or Jazz here! All age appropriate music and choreography will be used. Keep up your skills and learn new ones! Set to a strong, contemporary beat, builds stamina, and emphasizes body isolations, attitude, coordination, free-style movement, and rhythm. Age 4+
(45-60 Min) Modern takes the best of Ballet and Jazz and tips it on its side! Learn how to make shapes with your body while exploring space and the elements of movement. A great departure from the tried and true of Ballet! Uses and explores the basic movements of the body using abstract elements of space, time, energy and motion. Age 8+

(60 min) A mixture of Ballet and Jazz elements. We tell a story to the lyrics of a song through our movement. Age 12+ (offered with Jazz)

(30 min) For Advanced dancers over the age of 12. Must take 2 additional ballet classes each week as well as a half hour Pointe class. Permission of instructor is required prior to registering. Age 12+

Musical Theater
(45 min) Explore the exciting world of the Stage! Students will learn acting exercises, as well as interpret a song, with dance and acting, from a Broadway Musical each week. Play theater games, learn how to create a character, use improvisation to discover new qualities about yourself all while singing and dancing to popular age-appropriate Broadway music! Age 5+

(45 min) This is a class for those who want to learn the right way to tumble. Focus will be on rolls, cartwheels, handstands, bridges, strengthening and stretching. Age 3+

Hip Hop/Tap Combo
(45 min) We will make music with our feet and then have a blast grooving to upbeat age-appropriate music. This is a high-energy class! Age 4-6

New: Hip Hop/Acro Combo

(60 min) We will learn how to tumble with cartwheels and rolls and then have a blast grooving to upbeat age-appropriate music. This is a high-energy class! Age 5-8


(30-60 min) Contemporary dance blends elements of multiple dance styles and lets dancers express emotionality through movements and breath.

Intensive Program
(60 min) Enrollment by invitation only. This program is for Dancers who want to take their dancing to a higher level. Students will learn at least one dance to compete in the Spring at 3 local dance competitions on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Students will also attend at least one local workshop to study with other teachers. 

Students must also be enrolled in the following styles: Ballet, Jazz and Tap in addition to this weekly class.​ Dancers must also take at least one additional style. A second Ballet class is encouraged, however Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Modern and Acro also count towards the requirements. We are developing well-rounded dancers and humans. 

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